Edinburgh Science Festival

Family fun day on Saturday 14 April at Oriam – there will be lots of science festival drop-in activities, workshops and bouncy castles aimed at families. It’s all free, there is loads of parking, and lots of hand-on activities to get children interested in science and technology – with the aim of taking some of the fear out of science!


Message from Mr Curtis

Benmore trip 2018
Hello folks! The children have had an amazing time here, absolutely loved their activities and can’t wait to tell you all about them! Apologies for no pictures but there isn’t much service here so uploading images is a nightmare. We should be back tomorrow close on 1 o’clock but will give an update as we come back,.

Thanks a million, James Curtis



Benmore trip 2017/18
Hello folks! Just a quick update, everyone is doing fine up here, we’ve had biking, gorge walking, orienteering and canoeing over the past two days and everyone has been enjoying themselves loads.
Will update you all again in a couple of days!