Active Schools

Active Schools are launching their A-Z activities today, starting with the letter A.  You can find the challenges either on twitter, see link below or the Join in Edinburgh webpage, see link below.


Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation help us understand our feelings and develop strategies to help us cope with different emotions.

This could be very useful at this time when children are feeling upset, bored, confused etc.

Here are some ideas to keep in the ‘green zone’.


School Closure due to Coronovirus

Edinburgh Learns Guidance for Parents – WEB VERSION

Statement from teaching staff

March 2020

School Closure due to Coronovirus.

In response to ‘Edinburgh Learns Guidance for parents/carers’ we have been asked to share on school websites.

Access the Digital Learning through 365

Please don’t worry about getting access to 365.   We have provided a lot of learning materials already including very useful websites appropriate to your child’s age and stage. We appreciate many families will be sharing electronic devices and internet facilities may be difficult to access.

We will be sharing more learning materials through the website after the Easter holidays.


What Can You Expect?

  • Planned learning activities for your child related to Literacy, Numeracy, and Topics they are learning about.  There may also be a range of tasks related to other curricular areas e.g. Art, Music, Science & RME.
  • Learning will be shared digitally for learners who have digital access.
  • If you don’t have digital access, your child will be provided with the resources they need to support their learning e.g. jotters, textbooks, pencils, workbooks etc.  This includes support materials for pupils with additional needs.
  • Home Learning grids, provided by paper or electronically.
  • For learners within Early Years (Nursery and Primary 1) Play-based activities will also be planned. There may also be opportunities for your child to be provided with resources to support their play.  These activities may also be suitable for pupils in other stages.
  • Class teachers will plan learning, for your child, up to the Easter break (Friday 3rd April, 2020), in the short term.
  • Learning will be reviewed and updated.
  • Websites, Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated


**Materials have been sent out in learning packs and shared on the school website for all stages.

These resources cover the period up to the Easter break – Friday 3rd April.  Class teachers are currently working on updating and reviewing this for after the holiday.

Please keep checking the school website and Facebook page for additional ideas.


How Can You Support Your Child’s Learning?

  • Have a look through any learning materials your child brings home with them so you are aware of what they are being asked to do.
  • If you have digital access, check your school website regularly for updates about learning.
  • Support your child in accessing Office 365, if needed, where learning and support materials may be stored.
  • Talk with your child about their learning- What they are being asked to do? How are they going to do it? What will make their learning a success? Talk with them about what they have done well and what they would like to improve/learn more about.
  • Monitor the amount of time your child spends on-line. Try to encourage them to vary this with other learning, including physical activity, and play.


If you have any queries about the materials your child has brought home, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the school Facebook page or email

At the moment pupils have no access to Office 365.

Numeracy and Maths Games

• Numeracy and Maths
• Number Bonds and Times Tables
Apps (free with no login required)
• Sumdog
• 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables
• Maths Champions Lite for Kids
• Times Tables Quiz
• Maths Loops Lite:Times Tables
• Monster Maths