Congratulations to our new House Captains!

All of the pupils in the school voted and our new House Captains are –

St Margaret – Nadzieja

St Andrew – Alice and Huda

St Ninian – Marcel

St Columba – Lily and Jana

Our New P7 House Captains

Our new House Captains shared some memories of their time at St Mark’s.

Huda – I remember having fun on pyjama day.

Lily – I remember going to church with my buddy.

Nadzieja – We went to the museum.

Jana – We went to see Peter Pan at the theatre.

Marcel – We did a funfair with P7.

Alice – I remember the bake sales.

They also shared some ideas about activities they would like to organise this year.

I want to organise a talent show! Huda

I want to make our school the best! Marcel

I would like clubs to clean up the playground. Alice

I wanted to be House Captain so I could get to know lots of younger children. Lily

I want to help other people outside the school. Marcel