Nursery Gallery

We are all glad to be back at nursery after the holidays!




The nursery children are working hard with their Primary 6 buddies!


Stay and Play

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who came along to our sessions.

Thank you for the positive feedback!


The nursery children used circles and strips of orange paper to make pumpkins!



A group of nursery children took a walk to the park. They had lots of fun in the playpark.


We had a lovely morning working with our buddies from Primary 6!

Book Week
The nursery had a ‘bedtime stories’ day for Book Week. Our Primary 6 buddies came to the nursery and read us a story.


Nativity Singing at Morningside Manor

Well done to the nursery boys and girls who sang our nursery songs at Morningside Manor.  A huge thank you to the staff and residents for being kind and friendly!