P1 Gallery

Primary one were busy baking scones last Thursday. They tasted great! Thank you to Mrs Yeoman and P

7 girls for all their help.





Primary 1 are star jumping and balancing!




People Who Help Us

Primary 1 have been having fun learning about ‘People Who Help Us’ in the community. We were lucky enough to have Dr. Lynch visit us in the classroom last week. He told us about the work he does and what to expect if we ever have to visit the Doctor. He showed us lots of special instruments that he uses and we even got to use a real stethoscope!


To continue our topic about ‘People Who Help Us’, Mrs Heltowska visited Primary 1 to talk to the class about her job as a dentist. The boys and girls enjoyed asking questions and looking at some of the tools a dentist uses. We even got to dress up like dentists and pretend to use the mirrors to check teeth on each other and on Charlie the monkey!



Forest Walk

Primary 1 took a walk up to a local forest to look for signs of Autumn. There were lots of great colours to see! We collected leaves and pine cones to take back to class. We used them to make pictures with out P.7 buddies. We are looking forward to returning to the forest in the next few weeks to look for signs of winter!



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