P1 Gallery

Primary 1 have been learning about Living Things and were lucky enough to have their very own tadpoles in the classroom! We watched them grow from little tadpoles to frogs. We had to look after them very carefully and give them the correct food. When they were all grown up, we walked to the pond and released them back to the wild. We hope they like their new home!  Miss Monk.




The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Primary 1 have enjoyed learning the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We listened to the story, re-ordered the story through pictures, made masks of the characters and a drew posters warning people about the troll. Today during drama and technology, we acted out some scenes from the story and then the children designed and built their own bridges for the goats to use. They all looked great!




Primary 1 have been working hard on learning our words and songs and actions for our Nativity Play.  It is called Busy Busy Bethlehem and we are looking forward to showing it to all our families.


I am a King – Keir

I am a shepherd – Tamara

I am an angel – Donna

I am a King – Andrei

I am a shopkeeper – Nicola

I am a shepherd – Arya

I am a market seller – Aniela

I am an innkeeper – Olivia

I am an angel – Lidia

I am a little soldier – Clara

I am a shepherd – Alfie

I am an angel – Cornelia

I am an angel – Layla

I am a market seller – Ceira

I am Joseph – Finn

I am Mary – Caitlyn

I am an innkeeper – Rite

I am an angel – Amelia

I am an innkeeper – Georgia

I am a King – Derrick



Primary 1 are enjoying learning through play. Throughout the different learning areas, the children are exposed to opportunities that are developing their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Take a look at some of the wonderful learning we are doing in Primary 1!




We have been learning the letter of the alphabet our name begins with.  We enjoyed and worked hard decorating our letters.



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