P3 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 3’s gallery. (Sophie)

Our work is amazing! (Mati)

We hope you enjoy looking at our art. (Alice)

Our art is amazing! (Bernadet)

We have worked so hard on our work in class. (Sophie)

Our teacher Miss Galbraith is very kind and helpful. (Lily)




Primary 3 have been thinking about Autumn changes.

We have been making art about Autumn (Bernadet)

“I like when the leaves change colour and fall off the trees.” Kajsa

“I like making a wee house with leaves and sticks.”  Bernadet

“I like the leaves when they are yellow, orange, brown and black.” Isaac

“I get lots of leaves and put them in a pile and then I jump in them!” Sophie

“I like playing football, crashing conkers, building tree houses and playing on ropes.” Marcel

“I like building houses with sticks and building boats like we did at Forest Schools.” Tymek

“I like the leaves when they change colour.”  Sara

“I like picking up colourful leaves.”  Nadzieja

“I like building nature houses with sticks and ropes.”  Lily

“I like picking up leaves that look different.  I like leaves with black spots.”  Mati

“I love Red Squirrels!”  Alice

“I like skipping in the leaves and scrunching them.”  Ava

“I like when the leaves change colour and they fall off the trees.” Huda

“I like when all the conkers fall down from the trees.”  Tom

“I like the colourful leaves.” Ana

“I like running in the leaves.”  Lucas

“I like drinking hot chocolate.”  Olivia

“I like to look at the leaves falling from the trees.”  Sadie

“I like the leaves.”  Ben

“I like the leaves.”  Aimee

“I like the trees.” Naomi

“I like the leaves changing colours on the trees.”  Jana

“I like the leaves changing colour.”  Anna




We made jigsaw pieces all about ourselves.  Each of us are unique but we come together to make the best P3 class.



Primary 3 have been learning about castles.  We made our own Coats of Arms.

We enjoyed learning about castles.  (Tymek)


P3 castles.jpg


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