P3 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 3 with Mrs Barton!

Thursday 25th November 2021

We are Max Marley and Lacey R

The primary 3 were reading their favourite books and Miss Melrose told us about their art they were going to do and they drew eagles and turns out they really love art and drawing  with Miss Melrose

Hi, we are Marley, Max and Lacey R.

We went to Primary 3. The displays were beautiful and their sentences were super!

They are also working very hard and they were very kind.

We enjoyed visiting Primary 3!

We are Lacey and Marley.  We went to Primary 3.

We found out that they were reading their Accelerated Reading books.  They have made awesome fingerprint pictures on their door.

The Primary 3s love Lego.  They made a Lego building.

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