P3 Gallery

Things we have liked to do in Primary 3.

We have worked hard in Primary 3 with Miss Monk.

“It’s fun learning about farming.” Christian

“I am better at reading.” Lucy

“I am good at writing.” Payton

“I like maths.” Louisa

“I liked our topic about the human body.” Prisha

“I liked our topic about castles because it was fun.” Gabby

“I liked learning Spanish.” Amelia

“I’m getting faster and neater at writing.” Rio

“I liked all of our topics.” Cameron

“I liked doing topic work.” Riley

“I’m getting better at maths.” Aditi

“I’m getting better at Spanish.” Courtney

“I’m doing better in spelling tests.” Connor

“I’m better at topic work.” Scott

“I like doing the homework my teacher gives me.” Tristan

“I like maths, literacy and numeracy.” Charlie

“I like doing teamwork and helping others.” Leigha





The Human Body

Primary 3 have been learning about bones, skeletons and all of the organs we have inside our bodies.



Big Writing

Primary 3 have been working hard on their writing.  They have been learning about WOW words and are using lots of new vocabulary.



Well done to Primary 3 who worked hard to share their learning!


img_0257 img_0259 img_0261 img_0266 img_0268 img_0269 img_0271 img_0273

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