P4 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 4 with Miss Monk and Mrs Graham!

Thursday 25th November

Primary 4 have been learning about climate change. They have been learning about travelling more by bike, recycling plastic and growing your own food.

Ollie and Lacey went to Primary 4. They spoke to Mrs Graham and she told them that the children have been learning about symmetry.

Lacey M and Aidan went to Primary 4 and spoke to Mrs Graham about painted cork fish.

All the fish are different because there is only one you in the world and you can make this place a better one!

We are Max and Aidan and we went to Primary 4.

We found out that they were drawing a picture of themselves and with sunglasses on.  In the reflection was a picture of what they enjoyed most in their summer holidays.

They wrote thoughts of what they would like to do this year.

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