P4 Gallery

Marcel wanted to share his beautiful drawing with everyone.
Well done Marcel!





Primary 4 have been thinking about how to be kind at Christmas time.

Sophie and Ruby “We could sing carols to people.” “Give presents to poor people.”

Tymek and Anna “We could help people to get things and help them.”

Isaac and Bernadet “Share and don’t keep stuff for yourself.”  “Build a snowman together.”

Marcel and Mati “Donating things that you don’t need.”  “You could welcome a poor person to your home and give him food.”

Charley and Ana “Spend Christmas with your family.”  “Spread Christmas cheer.”

Lily and Ava “Remember that Christmas isn’t all about getting presents.”  “Be grateful for what you get.”

Aimee and Olivia “Donate to poor people.”

Mariyam and Huda and Dawood “Give presents to all of your family.”  “Help people with Christmas decorations.”  “Help with the Christmas cooking.”  “Help people.”

Muhammad and Sara  “Help people who are lonely or poor.  Help people to get back on their feet.”

Alice and Kajsa “Remember to say thank you.”

Darlan and Lucas “Be helpful at home.”  “If you get a present that you don’t like, donate it to someone else.”


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