P4 Gallery

Primary 4 have been learning about life processes and living things.  They have worked hard to make a wonderful wall display.




Fantastic Primary Fours!


In Primary 4 we have learned different things and we have worked very hard.

We are a fantastic class!


The Vikings ate fish, bread and they drank rum! – Connor

I know about cubes, triangular prisms and spheres. – Courtney

I learned lots of facts about St Andrew. – Aditi

I learned about electricity.  I put 2 wires onto a piece of metal and a light came on! – Cameron

I learned about circles, triangles and squares. – Riley

I made a cube.  I designed a stripy pattern.  – Tyler

I made a Christmas fairy for the Edinburgh Trams competition.  I won a prize! – Leigha

We made electricity products and we learned how to use the switches! – Rio

We went to swimming lessons and we learned how to make a star, a pencil and a mushroom.  We did ‘bobbing’!  – Morgan

I like St Marks.  I have new friends! – Vanessa

I designed a product to help the elves! – Amelia

I made a candy machine!  I used a propeller to make a fan!  It had a buzzer in case anyone steals my candy.  –  Gabby

I have learned to write poems.  I wrote poems about Autumn and Emotions.  –  Prisha

I have learned the 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables!  –  Louisa

We have done baking with Mrs Short.  We made biscuits!  –  Payton

I enjoyed the Big Writing Adventures!  –  Lucy

I have played ‘Hide and Seek’ with my friends in the playground! – Scott

I made a torch with the electricity equipment.  I had to use a battery and connect some wires.  –  Christian

I made a Christmas tree for the Christmas Cafe.  I used green and red paper and folded!  –  Charlie

I enjoyed writing about ‘Friendship’ – Wiktor

I made a fan and it worked!  I’m still working on it.  –  AlfieIMG_0438






P4 have been writing poems in a variety of styles and have used our ICT skills to present our work attractively.  Well done Primary 4!


P4 writing


P4Primary 4 have started learning about the Vikings.

They are looking forward to doing lots of different activities.


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