P6 Gallery

P6 were very happy to learn all about cycle safety during the Bikeability training session.



P6 had a trip to Pizza Express. They learned about the history of pizzas and were able to make their own.



P6 got the opportunity to join in with many other pupils from across the city to participate in the Games@the Hub. It was an amazing experience!



St Thomas of Aquins hosted a Spanish Feria and P6 were invited along. They had a wonderful experiennce singing on stage and enjoying delicious tapas.



P6 have learned a lot of new gymnastic skills this term with our coach Chris.




Primary 6 are enjoying their Daily ‘SMile’




P6 had a wonderful morning learning outdoors with the RSPB. In addition to finding out about birds and their habitats, they also did art work and wrote poems. Here are a selection.



Primary 6 and Primary 7 enjoyed their rugby session today with coaches from Boroughmuir and Murrayfield Wanderers.

P6 are learning about how light travels and conducted some interesting investigations.

P6 had a wonderful robotic building workshop led by  the SSPCA. We were linking our learning across many curricular areas and had fun.

P6 had a wonderful workshop learning how robots work. They learned how to plan, design and build a number of robots to carry out a variety of functions. They learned a lot and had great experience.

P6 thoroughly enjoyed singing Christmas Carols to the residents of the Canaan Ward of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The staff very kindly gave each child a present for performing.

P6 are playing games designed by their class mates. This was part of a Big Writing Adventure whereby children had to write clear instructions for their game and give them to another group so they could successfully play the game. They all had great fun!

P6 had fun learning a Diwali dance.

Primary 6 enjoyed their trip to the Water of Leith for their Jass My Adventure.

Primary 6 had a great time at the Halloween Disco



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