P6 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 6 with Miss Ramage and Mrs Hand!

Primary 6 are amazed at how much JK Rowling has helped others. We have been finding out all about JK Rowling and

and her life.

We are all reading different books in class. Keah

We like our book display. Marley

We like to recommend books to people. Layun

We love reading in class. Max

We write a message for our golden person. Sean

We write nice and helpful messages. Layun

We think of kind things to say about our friends. Keah & Lacey M

We are Primary 6 and this year we are going to be working on the website!

We are a nice, hardworking class – Marley

We always try our best – Scarlett

We don’t give up! – Cailyn

We are kind and friendly – Sanjit

We are thoughtful and lovely – Sia

We are helpful – Lacey

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