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Hybrid Car Posters


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(by Lennox, David M and Michael)

Primary 7 made hybrid car posters.

Our task was to design a bybrid car poster that includes illustrations and facts.

We needed to make them colourful and bright so they could stand out.

Here are some of the facts that we learned –


Nicola Sturgeon commented that people were buying more hybrid cars and electric cars than before.

Hybrid means a combination of two different things.

People can get a charging station at their home.

Scotland has to boost money on hybrid and electric cars.


Toyota makes and sells environmentally friendly cars in Japan and in other countries so that many different people can drive them.  As of January 2017 over 10 million Toyota hybrid cars have been sold around the world.

Hybrid cars use an electric charger instead of petrol or diesel.

Hybrid cars are made so there is less pollution in the air.

Hybrid cars are safer for the environment.



The government wants all cars to be hybrid cars by 2032.

I like the way that you can change between petrol and battery.



Wind Turbines

wind turbine

(Lennox, David M and Michael)

We went on a trip to St Thomas’.

We got to St Thomas’ on the 27 bus.

The science teacher showed us a video about windfarms in the sea.

We made mini windmills.

We had to cut out cardboard sails to put on the windmills.

We had to decide what angle to put the sails on.  Then we tested our windmills with a fan.

It was very fun!





Well done to Primary 7 for their hard work on renewable energy!


Autumn Games

Primary 7 enjoyed their outing to the Autumn Games!



Primary 7 Rights Respecting School Display

6th November 2017 1541

Our World War 2 Display

6th November 2017 1549

Excellent models made by Sherif, Paolo, Martin and Kelsey.

6th November 2017 1557



World War 2

P7Primary 7 are enjoying their new topic on World War 2.


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