P7 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 7 with Mrs Dunn!

P7 enjoyed Outdoor Learning with their P1 buddies.

Thursday 25th November 2021

Eimear and Layun went to Primary 7 and spoke to Mrs Dunn.

Primary 7 wrote amazing diary entries
Sara in p7 made a visual buddy time table
 And we went to primary 7

Today Eimear and Layun went to Primary 7 and they said –
Primary 7 are learning about World War 2, Hitler and his concentration camps.
They have learned about evacuation,  Edinburgh life for children during the war. 

Primary 7 found out lots of information about rationing.  Their food had to last for a week!  Children didn’t have very many sweets to eat!

We are Eimear, Ollie and Layun.  We went to Primary 7.

We found out that Primary 7 have been thinking about their attributes and made these colourful posters about themselves.

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