P7 Gallery

Primary 7 enjoyed working with the lacrosse coach!


P7 worked together on their Remembrance Assembly and Display.



Mr Hastie came in to visit P7 today to talk about his experiences of the Clydebank Blitz and evacuation. He told us about a man named ‘Gerry McMahon’ who helped to save the Hastie family when their house was bombed. Sadly, Mr Hastie’s brother was killed. Mr Hastie was evacuated to Eaglesome. We had a wonderful afternoon listening to his stories!



Autumn Games

Well done Primary 7 who participated in the Autumn Games at Liberton High School. The boys came 4th in the rugby and the girls came 3rd in lacrosse!




Mock Trial

An ex-pupil Roddy Macleod visited St Mark’s to carry out a mock trial.

After hearing all of the evidence the jury chose to find Goldilocks guilty.




Rugby Session with Murray McCallum

Murray McCallum, an Edinburgh Rugby player, came in to do a rugby session with us.

“It was very active and it included friends!”  Mirren

“We got to tackle Murray!” Kayla




Primary 7 enjoyed helping at the Big Scottish Breakfast!




Primary 7 enjoyed their trip to St Thomas’ for the renewable energy transition project. The class had the challenge of making the best wind turbine – they could change the size, shape and number of the propellers.




Primary 7 have worked hard on their topic on Renewable energy.  They borrowed equipment from St Thomas’ and used water samples to investigate the effect of acid rain in different parts of Edinburgh.




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