P7 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 7 with Miss Galbraith!



More from Miss Galbraith and Mrs Yeoman!




On Monday, P7 had a visit from our local MSP Gordon MacDonald. We heard all about his job and day to day life and also asked him some questions of our own.


Primary 7 had a fantastic afternoon learning all about the Scottish Parliament. We created political parties and wrote our own manifestos before holding a mock election with the party leaders. We also held our own debate around social media in the St. Mark’s ‘debating chamber’. Well done to all our MSPs and our presiding officer for leading!

P7 have been keen scientists, working on a renewable energy transition project with St. Thomas’ High School. We tested various water samples to find out their pH value and level of acidity. We considered the impact of fossil fuels on our environment and how they are linked to acid rain.

On Thursday, Primary 7 went on a forest walk with a few of the nursery children. While we were there we were very busy building dens and swings, whittling sticks, doing some art with nature and lots of other fun activities.


Primary 7 had a fantastic day at the Autumn Games taking part in athletics, girls rugby and tennis at Liberton High School. 

All our teams placed 2nd or 3rd in their events and had lots of fun!


Mary – for art we did self portraits.  We tried to draw ourselves.  Miss Galbraith said that we all did really well at it!

p7 (2)

Peter – these are all the people in Primary 7.  We are all holding a flag of the country we come from. I am holding a Scotland flag.

p7 (4)

Primary 7 have been learning about friction and air resistance. We carried out an experiment moving toy cars along a range of surfaces with gentle force to test how the friction affected their movement. Our results were recorded and written up formally.

P7 Homework wall aug-oct-1P7 Homework wall aug-oct-3P7 Homework wall aug-oct-4

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