P7 Gallery

A forest walk at Puck’s Glen and shelter building!
Everyone had a great first day. Everyone very happy. Fish and chips for tea! Heading out for the night walk at 8pm.
Everyone arrived at Benmore safely and enjoyed a walk last night!
World Book Day
St Mark’s celebrated World Book Day 2019 with a whole school book swap! Everyone from P1 – P7 was invited to choose a book and take it home. Thanks to Mrs Dunn for organising a lovely event.
On Tuesday 26th February, P7 went on a trip to Money on the Mound. They learnt about different things that were used as money in the past, they made their own banknotes and got to imprint their own coin.
P7 Virgin Money morning! P7 would like to thank all of the children and parents for their support. P6 helped us to run the stations! Thanks also to them. We raised £314.92 in total, £125.85 of this came from the raffle alone.
Primary 7 enjoyed their gymnastics sessions!
Primary 6 and Primary 7 enjoyed their rugby session today with coaches from Boroughmuir and Murrayfield Wanderers.
Here are some photos from the SSPCA Workshop.  The children had to make a robot and program it.
Our local MSP Gordon MacDonald came in to speak to P7!
Primary 7 had a fantastic trip to the Scottish Parliament.
P7 are keen to share all of the work they have done!
There are WW2 Artefacts, newspaper articles about the outbreak of war, evacuee letters home, pictures of ‘the Blitz’ in London amongst other things!
Well done Primary 7!
P7 have been working on debating. The debate topics were ‘Should we ban homework?’, ‘Is animal testing right or wrong?’, ‘Should we use hybrid cars instead of petrol and diesel vehicles?’ and the issue of the mass production of meat.

Well done Primary 7!

Aga came into P7 this morning and read a Polish story to us. The book is called ‘ Voytek the Soldier Bear‘.  The link below explains the story in English.



The Scottish Parliament

P7 are preparing for a mock election. Their topic is the Scottish Parliament. The children have been working hard to produce posters, leaflets, PowerPoints and badges for their campaigns.

P7 were carol singing at Tesco to raise money for their trip to Benmore.  They were great!

Miss Reid from St Thomas’ maths department came in to give P7 a ‘typical high school maths lesson’. The children learned about mode, median and range. Miss Reid was impressed with our P7 class!

The Risk Factory – well done Primary 7!

risk factory.jpg

Reviews of our trip to see Peter Pan

Trip to the Theatre

**** 4 stars = good

On the 30th of November 2018 St. Marks RC Primary School went to the Lyceum Theatre to see ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’.

I enjoyed the fact that in the theatre they always make the show different from the movie and the book. Also, I enjoyed being with my friends and not doing work. Another thing is I liked was the special effects which included confetti, music, sounds and the big crocodile who popped up. The most important thing is I liked was when the characters flew in the air.

Despite the snacks, I think we should go to the theatre again in the future because it was very fun. I think most people enjoyed it.

In summary the theatre was good but some bits could have been better. Though I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope we can go to the Theatre again with the whole school!

Niamh P7

Trip to the theatre

***** 5 stars = brilliant!

On the 30th November 2018, St Mark’s went to the Lyceum Theatre to see the fantastic Wendy and Peter Pan! I enjoyed the show because the acting was very good and the fight scene was very good. The show had comedy, sad parts and intense scenes. I learned quite a lot of what happens behind the scenes of how the character’s fly! It think that in the future St Marks should see more shows like this. It was a memorable trip to the theatre.

-Jamie M

Review of Peter Pan

On Friday the 30th November 2018, St Mark’s staff and students went to the Lyceum Theatre to see ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’. I liked the characters, music and special effects

Peter Pan took Wendy and her brothers to Neverland. The lost boys shot Wendy. Peter Pan defeated Captain Hook!

I think that St Marks should go to the theatre every Christmas because it was a wonderful experience. I learnt lots as I had never been to the theatre before.

Dylan P7

Primary 7 attended the transition mass at St Mary’s Cathedral.


Primary 7 are working hard preparing for the Christmas Cafe.

Jamie, Rebecca and Ada are working hard to prepare P6 for the Euroquiz!

Primary 7 enjoyed working with the lacrosse coach!

P7 worked together on their Remembrance Assembly and Display.


Mr Hastie came in to visit P7 today to talk about his experiences of the Clydebank Blitz and evacuation. He told us about a man named ‘Gerry McMahon’ who helped to save the Hastie family when their house was bombed. Sadly, Mr Hastie’s brother was killed. Mr Hastie was evacuated to Eaglesome. We had a wonderful afternoon listening to his stories!

Autumn Games

Well done Primary 7 who participated in the Autumn Games at Liberton High School. The boys came 4th in the rugby and the girls came 3rd in lacrosse!

Mock Trial

An ex-pupil Roddy Macleod visited St Mark’s to carry out a mock trial.

After hearing all of the evidence the jury chose to find Goldilocks guilty.

Rugby Session with Murray McCallum

Murray McCallum, an Edinburgh Rugby player, came in to do a rugby session with us.

“It was very active and it included friends!”  Mirren

“We got to tackle Murray!” Kayla

Primary 7 enjoyed helping at the Big Scottish Breakfast!

Primary 7 enjoyed their trip to St Thomas’ for the renewable energy transition project. The class had the challenge of making the best wind turbine – they could change the size, shape and number of the propellers.

Primary 7 have worked hard on their topic on Renewable energy.  They borrowed equipment from St Thomas’ and used water samples to investigate the effect of acid rain in different parts of Edinburgh.


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