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Welcome to Primary 5 with Miss Howard


Primary 5 created some wonderful French cafe Menus! The children enjoyed learning the words for various food and drinks in French.

During health and well being, Primary 5 have been learning about setting realistic goals. They know that setting a goal can help to motivate people. They each chose three realistic goals for themselves for 2020.


Primary 5 have been learning about solubility. We planned and carried out an investigation to find out whether coffee, salt, flour and cooking oil were soluble or not.


Primary 5 were learning about balance. They were working on developing good body tension and posture through gymnastics positions.


Primary 5 have been writing poetry about the ‘Lost Words’. These are words that have been taken out of the dictionary and replaced by new, modern words. Sadly, many of the lost words are to do with nature. We want to make sure that they are not forgotten! We hope you enjoy reading our poems.

The Newt by Lucas

There is a newt, a magical newt

who wriggles in the splashy water.

It’s orange and black and it is a cute, creative creature

and it stays in the salty water.

The Otter by Lily

The otter I saw will never grow old.

It lies on its back all day, its cute and friendly and very furry.

 I love my otter day and night.

The Fast Newt by Sophie

The newt lives in water,

Where it could get hotter.

It could be green or blue or black

But most of the colours are on his back.

They might come out and dive in for a dip

What a knack of running back to the pond.

They might be good at running on land

But you can’t catch him in your hand.

The Amazing Otter by Ruby May

Otters are very social animals

And excellent swimmers too.

If they were in a swimming race

They would beat you.

They might get a chance to scare you

They will say boo!

If there in your bathtub you might shout ooo!

The Weasel by Tymek

Something dashed

Was it big? was it fat?

I did not see.

It was brown.

Then I saw it was a weasel

And then it was gone.

The Raven by Kajsa

As black as night and has great sight,

as it flies through the sky at night.

It soars through the trees.

It hunts lots of prey in the moonlight.


Otter by Jana K

An otter is an excellent swimmer and it doesn’t like to be alone.

It dives in the water and has lots of fun and never feels cold when the winter comes.


Kingfishers are hunting birds they like to eat fish.

I once saw one glide across the lake.

They never go near water.

Glide along the river edge.

Forever greatest fishermen.

I’ve never thought of you

Sleep little kingfisher you need sleep too.

Hurry, hurry you need to catch a fish.

Catch it quickly

Rare to see, if you do them you are lucky.

On Thursday 12th December 2019, Primary 5 ran a mock election. In groups, they created political parties, posters, slogans and rosettes. Each party presented their speech to Primary 4 in order to persuade them that they were the best party. We discussed issues of education, climate change and Brexit. Well done to the Bumble Bee Party who won the election! The Scottish Warriors came in close second.

Primary 5 have been learning about Flooding. Today they took part in a STEM challenge which was to create a flood barrier for a 10cm by 10cm paper house.

Thanks to all of the parent helpers who came along to help at the Christmas Cafe. It was a wonderful event! Thanks also to everyone who handed in cakes for the cake and candy stall.

Primary 5 working collaboratively to add and subtract money within a given budget. We are practising our skills before the Christmas Cafe!




Primary 5 have enjoyed Book Week! They have taken part in ‘Drop Everything and Read’. Also, we have read books in Polish and Russian. Thank you to the library committee and Mrs Dunn for another great book week.



We were learning about thinking positive and negative thoughts and about what are right things to do to have positive thoughts  – Anna

p5 (1)

We worked with Miss Hargest on our Mary Queen of Scots’ portraits.  Anna

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Primary 5 have started their new health and wellbeing topic ‘Kindness’. They have created a beautiful kindness tree. The children have each written a kind comment about another person in the class. We will keep adding to the tree when we see random acts of kindness!
Primary 5 have made wonderful posters asking families to donate any good quality unwanted gifts for the Christmas Cafe on Friday 13th December!
Primary 5 have created leaflets on St Mark’s advice for keeping safe near building sites! The leaflets contain information on the dangers of building sites, protective clothing, signs you might see and warnings to keep safe near building sites.



Primary 5 ran a mock trial to find out who murdered Lord Darnley! Judge Tudor and her jury came to the verdict that Lord Bothwell is guilty.

Primary 5 have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots. We have looked at her Family tree, written newspaper articles about the murder of David Rizzio and painted the Queen herself. The children have enjoyed investigating the past and discussing why these historical events are important.

Primary 5 have been busy with Mrs Short making their entries for the Winter Windows competition. 

As part of our health and wellbeing, Primary 5 have been learning about positive and negative thoughts. We know that the way we think can affect the way we feel. We have made posters to help remind people how to think positively.