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Welcome to Primary 5 with Miss Howard and Miss Hargest

We were learning about thinking positive and negative thoughts and about what are right things to do to have positive thoughts  – Anna

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We worked with Miss Hargest on our Mary Queen of Scots’ portraits.  Anna

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Primary 5 have started their new health and wellbeing topic ‘Kindness’. They have created a beautiful kindness tree. The children have each written a kind comment about another person in the class. We will keep adding to the tree when we see random acts of kindness!
Primary 5 have made wonderful posters asking families to donate any good quality unwanted gifts for the Christmas Cafe on Friday 13th December!
Primary 5 have created leaflets on St Mark’s advice for keeping safe near building sites! The leaflets contain information on the dangers of building sites, protective clothing, signs you might see and warnings to keep safe near building sites.



Primary 5 ran a mock trial to find out who murdered Lord Darnley! Judge Tudor and her jury came to the verdict that Lord Bothwell is guilty.

Primary 5 have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots. We have looked at her Family tree, written newspaper articles about the murder of David Rizzio and painted the Queen herself. The children have enjoyed investigating the past and discussing why these historical events are important.

Primary 5 have been busy with Mrs Short making their entries for the Winter Windows competition. 

As part of our health and wellbeing, Primary 5 have been learning about positive and negative thoughts. We know that the way we think can affect the way we feel. We have made posters to help remind people how to think positively.


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