Sharing The Learning

Many parents of Primary 1 children attended the Sharing the Learning workshop in school on 17th September.

The children all worked very hard!SDC12214 SDC12218 SDC12210 SDC12207

Parent Comments –

  • Great to see how they are learning and the tools they are using
  • Very interesting learned a lot
  • Thank you for a very nice meeting. Very interesting. Some new important things
  • In my opinion teachers are doing well and kids learn well when parents and teachers work together and they will do everything good.
  • It was good to hear about what is happening in the class. I enjoyed it
  • Interesting seeing the way the children learn
  • Very reassuring to see the children working in class. They were very happy and busy. Nice to chat with mummies, too.
  • It was good to hear about how the children learn and what they learn
  • Nice to see what children are learning
  • First of all, thank you very much for this chance and I found several things which are (1) the senses and (2) educational means are very important for good learning as well as a good teacher and support from the family. Thank you
  • Great to know how to help at home. Very interesting