Staff List

The list of staff members for St Mark’s school year 2019 – 2020 comprises:

Head Teacher:

Mrs Margaret McFarlane

Principal Teacher:

Miss Susan Ramage

Business Manager:

Mrs Therese Mackinnon

Class Teachers:

P1 Miss Fiona Monk
P2 Mrs Moira Barton
P3 Miss Lucy Power / Mrs Helen Hand (PEF)
P4 Mrs Maria Dunn
P5 Miss Mhairi Howard
P6 Mr James Curtis
P7 Miss Kirsty Galbraith

Nursery Staff:

Nursery Teacher Miss Susan Ramage (PT)  & Miss Linda Johnston (Wed, Thur)
Early Years Practitioners Mrs Tracey Fleming, Mrs Elaine Berri, Mr Matthew Reid and Miss Sarah Frater, Trainee Early Years Practitioner
Early Years Assistants Mrs Jay Campbell and Mrs Lynn Turnbull

Pupil Support Assistants:

Miss Gina Wilson, Mrs Louise Bird,  Mrs Lynne Lynch, Miss Janice Everitt

Mrs Laura Martin, Miss Tricia Rogers, Miss Sharon Seath

Specialist Staff:

Learning Support Teacher Mrs Alison Yeoman
PEF Mrs Jo Graham
EAL Teacher
Ms Helen Drummond
Cello Miss A Picken
NCCT Mrs Fiona Short
PE Ms Joanna Nowak

Support Staff:

School Administrator Mrs Frances Mitchell
Clerical Assistant Mrs Sommer Edwards
Service Support Officer Mr Bruce Macfarlane

Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs Sandra Devine, Miss Tricia Rogers

Dining Room Staff:

School Cook Mrs Khawas
School Cook Mr De Santos
School Cook Mrs Devine

Cleaning Staff:

School Cleaner Mrs Aitken
School Cleaner Miss Coleman
School Cleaner Mrs Widad

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