Staff List

The list of staff members for St Mark’s school year 2017 – 2018 comprises:

Head Teacher:

Mrs Margaret McFarlane

Principal Teacher:

Miss Susan Ramage

Business Manager:

Mrs Vivienne Bowden

Class Teachers:

P1 Miss Fiona Monk
P2 Miss Anna Garvin
P3 Miss Kirsty Galbraith & Mrs Liz Doohan
P4 Mrs Maria Dunn
P5 Miss Moira Ingram
P6 Mr James Curtis & Miss Anna Hunter (M.A Student)
P7 Miss Mhairi Howard & Mrs Alison Yeoman

Nursery Staff:

Nursery Teacher Miss Susan Ramage & Mrs Mary Burns
Early Years Practitioners Mrs Tracey Fleming, Mrs Elaine Berri, Mr Matthew Reid
Early Years Assistants Mrs Lynn Turnbull, Mrs Jahi Abuukar

Learning Assistants:

Mrs Louise Bird, Mrs Tricia Rogers, Mrs Laura Martin, Miss Sharon Seath,

Mrs Janice Everitt, Mrs Jahi Abuukar, Miss Cathy Annandale, Mrs Lynn Turnbull,

Ms Nicky Harrison

Specialist Staff:

Learning Support Teacher Mrs Alison Yeoman
Art/Technologies Mrs Fiona Short
Pupil Equity Fund
Miss Lucy Power
Cello Miss A Picken
Miss Stacey Downie
EAL Ms Helen Drummond

Support Staff:

School Administrator Mrs Anne-Marie Mooney
Clerical Assistant Mrs Sommer Edwards
Service Support Officer Mr Bruce McFarlane

Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs Sandra Devine, Miss Tricia Rogers

Dining Room Staff:

School Cook Mrs Khawas
School Cook Mr De Santos
School Cook Mrs Devine

Cleaning Staff:

School Cleaner Mrs Aitken
School Cleaner Miss Coleman
School Cleaner Mrs Widad

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