P2 Gallery

Primary 2 enjoyed hearing and learning about Eid and Ramadan. We were able to ask lots of questions and think about the similarities to the Christian time of Lent. We even got to try some special Halal Foods. Thank you to the boys for organising the presentation.




Primary 2 have been working hard on their ‘Community’ topic.

Their wall display shows lots of their excellent work.

Well done Primary 2!

P2 Community topic



Primary 2 have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We made these lanterns to celebrate.



We went to the library today as part of Our Community topic. We learned how important the library is for our community and how easy it is to become a member and borrow books. The librarian read us some funny stories and we all got to choose a book to bring to school.



Primary 2 have been learning about our community for our topic.  We listened to a very informative talk from some members of the Eco Committee about littering. We decided we wanted to do something about the litter in our playground so here are some pictures of us on our litter pick.




As part of our community topic, we went for a walk on Tuesday to look at the variety of houses in the school’s local area. In our groups we looked at the features of the houses and related them to our own homes.

community walk (1)



Primary 2 were learning about the new Queensferry Crossing. Our challenge was to create our own bridges using a variety of construction materials. The boys and girls worked very hard in their groups to build lots of different looking bridges. If you get a chance to visit the new bridge, it’s well worth the trip!

Miss Garvin



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