P2 Gallery

Welcome to Primary 2 with Miss Garvin!

Our inspirational person is Mother Teresa.

Firstly, we listened and learned about the life of Mother Teresa and found out why she is an inspiration to others. Then we celebrated her life and our learning with a fortnight full of Mother Teresa activities, writing and following her example. The pupils helped us plan the fortnight and recapped what we had learned before we begun the topic.

Throughout the fortnight we tried our best to Live Like Mother Teresa. We tracked how we were doing with a chart. Primary 2 showed lots of kindness and helpfulness towards others.

We wrote an acrostic poem about Mother Teresa in groups, and we wrote a fact file with information about Mother Teresa.

We coloured and painted pictures of Mother Teresa, we created Mother Teresa’s face with loose materials, and we even built hospitals and schools just like Mother Teresa had done in India.

Thursday 25th November 2021

Keah and Cailyn went to p2
Oscar said he wanted to take a picture of crabs
Ashton said he was learning about literacy
Kaci said she was learning about fun letters
Aylya said they were being kind and respectful
Shalom said they were learning about numbers
Orla said they were learning about the community!
They had so much fun playing outside we also helped Miss Garvin hand out the crafts and we helped them stick them in.

Cailyn and Keah went to Primary 2 and we asked what their favourite thing at school was. The love seeing their buddies, playing with their friends and the area, especially choosing time. They love their teacher, they say that she is so nice.

We are Cailyn, Keah and Sean.  We went to Primary 2.

They were playing with their friends and they’ve been learning lots of maths and lots of fun building.

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